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The Last Romance by Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.

The last romance is often the one we should have begun earliest in our life -- the sincere appreciation, acceptance, recognition, and validation of our self.  That may not sound too romantic, but it contains the seeds of enduring, nurturing, and supportive relationships that will serve you best over the years.  The importance of this loving relationship with your self is that it provides a stable and enduring foundation for a romantic relationship with a partner. 

Yes, there are other blog posts at that speak of healing, friendships, and relationships - read them and appreciate them for they are all related to the essential relationship of the rest of your life, the one you have with your self.  That relationship can even be romantic without being narcissistic or self-serving when you care for yourself and appreciate yourself.  There is nothing wrong or out of sorts with being self-appreciative.  Honest self-appraisal is essential, then taking action to build up your weaknesses and bolstering your strengths, is the beginning of growth.  When you grow in this manner you are building social confidence, self-confidence, and inner peace. 

Appreciating your self-worth, self-image, and self-esteem is the beginning of a solid relationship and love of and for your self.  Sometimes your self-appreciation begins with learning to appreciate others.  Sometimes your capacity to love yourself begins by learning to love someone else.  Wherever you are in life, never stop dancing to life's best music - the romance of life and living.  Best wishes always,  Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.