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Rushing Romance by Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.

Rushing Romance  by  Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.

Rushing romance seldom pays long term loving dividends.  For those who wish to grow a romance into something more than just a one-night stand, rushing the developmental stages of a romance doesn't pay off.  I do agree, however, that first impressions are incredibly powerful to form the opinions, impressions, and visions of what could come into being. 

Growing a romance is not complicated.  It just requires that you be authentic, genuine, and sincere when you encounter someone you are interested in.  Presenting yourself this way, you do not have any pretenses to maintain, no false images, and no imaginary expectations to fulfill.  Just be yourself - perhaps not your "self" that is cranky or ornery - just yourself that is the "usual you" that you present to most people every day.  And if you are looking for love and wanting to grow a romance, that "you" will be the best first impression the other sees in you. 

Not everyone has someone who falls in love with them when they are 18 or 28, or even 38.   Sometimes growing a romance begins later in life.  And sometimes that is a very good thing because at a younger age we might have been too immature to appreciate what has come into our life.  Sometimes, it takes decades of being on the edges of love and romance before "it's our turn" to share our life with someone special.  If you are a romantic as I am, you won't give up!  And even in the decades past age 50, we can still grow a romance, if we take the chance and swallow our pessimism and cynicism.  Often it is our own attitude that gets in the way of growing a romance. 

Every day is a new day for love and romance.  Romance and love can spring up in the most unusual places! Don't rush love.  Don't rush romance.  I've found that patience, a loving heart, and a loving presence toward your friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and associates can make all the difference.  Maybe someone has been waiting for you to say "Hello!"  //