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Nutrition News

Are you tired of the same old snacks? Here are a few new ones to try!
* 1/2 cup of low-fat cottage cheese with 1-2 tsp of Lipton vegetable seasoning. Use as a dip for carrots, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas  or red peppers.
* Cut up an apple and mix with 1TB of chopped walnuts and 1 tsp of maple syrup
* Eat 3/4 of a cup of Barbara's Cinnamon Puffins for 100 calories and 6 grams of fiber.
If you have had your snack and still feel like munching try chewing a strong mint gum. Gum with a big flavor punch will overpower other food so you won't want to eat!
Catch the eating pause! Most folks have a natural "eating pause" when they drop their fork for a few minutes. This is the quiet signal that you are full but not stuffed. Clear your plate then and you will be comfortably full.
Tuna is a great source of lean protein. However, new research indicates that due to the higher methylmercury levels in white albacore tuna we should only be eating 6 oz (1 can) per week. Light tuna has less mercury and up to 9 oz is considered safe. Fresh tuna steaks should also be limited to 6 oz per week.

Nutrition News
Greek yogurt is superb! 
I am a big fan of Greek yogurt for a morning or afternoon snack because of the high protein, the low sugar, and the absence of artificial flavors or colors. Remember each gram of protein takes about 10 mins. to digest while each carb gram takes approximately 4 minutes. Therefore more protein will help keep you fuller longer. Here a few Greek yogurts that I have tried:
* Brown Cow Greek Yogurt (now available in 100 calorie cups which contain 10 grams of protein)
*Chobani Greek Yogurt - I like the  non-fat strawberry for 130 calories and 14 grams of protein.
*Fage Greek Yogurt with honey for 160 calories and 16 grams of protein.