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Don't Be Cliche On Valentine's Day

Roses are the typical Valentine's Day gift, so you don't want to be ordinary and unimaginative. Fresh flowers are always interesting because they transmit happiness and cheer. You have considerable choice when it comes to flowers: color, fragrance, exotic and of course, your beloved's favorite. I adore sunflowers because of my sunny personality.

This year many of us are budget conscious. You can buy beautiful flowers from a supermarket or street vendor for frugal prices. If you have been cultivating flowers indoors like I have, just make your own special arrangement in a bud vase. I plan to cut a few hibiscus flowers and float them in a shallow bowl.

If you feel bad about cut flowers, then purchase a potted flowering plant like African Violet, Kalanchoe, a bromeliad, orchid or forced bulbs like hyacinth, daffodil and crocus to herald in the spring.

And if you are passionate about purchasing roses, then go ahead, but plan on drying a few to commemorate the day. This means taking your roses out of the vase filled with water the very next day, and hanging the unopened ones upside down to dry in the kitchen, laundry room, or garage. In about ten days they will be dry with a hint of color. Put some lacquer on them or spray them with hairspray and you will be able to enjoy your Valentine's Day treasure throughout the year.

Don't forget the dark chocolate. Chocolate never goes out of style.