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The Peace Lily to Begin the New Year

if you want a low maintenance plant which doesn't need much attention or much light, and will bloom too, consider the Peace Lily also known as Spathiphyllum. This tropical plant is a great performer and worthy to note it will purify the air in your home or office.It can remove such toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, ethyl and methyl alcohol and ammonia.

The Peace Lily  has glossy leaves which are lance-shaped with tall fluted white flowers. It looks great as part of an indoor grouping. Its needs are simple like regular potting soil and a watering schedule which allows it to dry out a bit between waterings. If the plant is drooping, this is a sign of wilt and you need to water more frequently. If you are getting brown edges, you are watering too much. Since this is a tropical plant, misting it occasionally is a great idea for keeping it pest-free and humidified. Dilute your fertilizer and use it every few weeks, especially during growing season.

Don't forget to dust the leaves off to keep it shiny and to effectively purify your environment. Peace Lily looks beautiful in a home spa setting signaling peace, tranquility and relaxation. This year de-stress in your garden, indoor and outdoor.