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Gratitude is the keystone of any spiritual success and any relationship, be it with Spirit, our beautiful Mother Earth, or a life partner. Gratitude begins with recognizing our relationship to the whole. It is always realizing that some “other” has given in order for us to receive. Look around at the chair we sit on, the table we eat on… the food we consume. What beautiful tree gave way in this lifetime that we might sit more comfortably? What animal or plant gave way that we might have nourishment? What creature clothes our feet or provides us the warmth of a winter coat? Even if the animal didn’t loose its life to provide a material possession, chances are, it still gave it’s entire life. A sheep that is shorn for wool is allowed to live only in the most limited sense under artificial conditions, and only as long as it provides for our needs - after which, it is promptly disposed of.
Posted by Laura Mika Benton on July 01, 2009

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Posted by Morandi on May 12, 2009
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Posted by Laura Mika Benton on May 12, 2009
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