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How to Manage Your Energy in the Workplace

When you step into your work space do you get overwhelmed by the mounds of paperwork on your desk or unorganized files on your desktop? When you look around your work environment do you see clutter? Do you start your day with LONG to-do lists and mental chit-chat? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are most likely experiencing energy drains.

Although time management is important especially in today’s workplace managing your energy is key to enduring high performance and achieving life balance. Our day to day lives are rushed and we are constantly trying to fit it all in. “Time” is outside of our direct influence yet our energy comes from within so it is vital we focus on what we can control.
There are four major components to energy: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and we must utilize all four sources to be more productive in our day to day lives.
1) Physical Energy: Our physical energy stems from our physical surroundings as well as diet and exercise. If we are putting up with “tolerations” such as messy work spaces, unorganized cabinets or a chair in need of an adjustment we are draining our energy. If we fail to get enough sleep or exercise we are depleting ourselves of our liveliness. Lastly, if we do not eat the right foods to manage our blood levels and insulin we are depriving our bodies of the best fuel. To perform at our highest level we need to be eating and exercising appropriately and taking short breaks when rushing around completing tasks.
2) Mental Energy: Our mental energy is the constant chit-chat or mind clutter. When we spend too much time over thinking and overanalyzing we deplete ourselves from creative flow therefore leaving us closed minded. It is important to quiet the mind through meditation or alone time and in return we will be more flexible in our thinking and increase our concentration levels.
3) Emotional Energy: Negative or positive emotional energy will determine the quality of our energy and can leave us feeling either fatigued or uplifted. When we connect with our emotional energy on a positive level we access emotions such as enjoyment, gratitude, adventure and feel inspired. On the other hand, when we don’t deal with our emotions or access negative emotions such as anger or resentment we are left feeling tired and depleted.
4) Spiritual Energy: Our spiritual energy relates to our actions and motivations to help lead our best life. When we make authentic choices and align our actions to live our life’s purpose we are powerful! We feel more alive and connected.   
When we utilize all four sources of energy we have the capacity to do more and enjoy life. The key is to balance all four aspects and to make sure we are resting when we need to and taking action when required. Keep in mind to incorporate short bursts of rests to ensure we are performing at our best. When you are at work and performing a number of endless tasks and rushing to get everything done be sure to stop and take a break, quiet your mind, focus on the positive and make authentic choices to ensure you are living your best life!