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Making the "Right" Choice...

Today more than ever we are faced with so many choices and as a result we are fearful of making the wrong choice. For some of us we become paralyzed with indecision. If in the past you changed jobs or made a career move that did not serve you well you may be fearful of making another poor decision even if it means a better opportunity. On the other hand, you may have been so scared of making a move that you chose to stay in your job even when it was no longer satisfying or challenging. Both examples demonstrate the consequences of fear taking over and preventing you from taking risks for the sake of change.

So how do we get past this fear to make choices that will serve us well? The fear of not getting it right or waiting for the perfect time is what limits us and ultimately prevents us from moving forward. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when making choices in both your professional and personal life.
·         No one “right” answer. We get so caught up in finding that perfect job or making the “right” career move that we end up with indecision. Keep in mind that any decision you make even if it was not what you envisioned is a learning opportunity. Through a process of self-discovery and growth of a new experience you will only gain knowledge. What did this choice teach you?
·         Baby steps. Remember change does not occur through one giant leap but rather a series of small steps. It is not about the end result but more about the journey and what you gain from this process. Try not to get bogged down with the end product but instead be open to opportunities. What you thought was the best answer may end up being entirely different and a much better option for you!
·         Take Action. Even when you are unsure of taking action do it anyway. Again, there is no one “right” action but instead a creation of ebb and flow that results from taking action. This shift will create clarity and help design your environment to make the appropriate changes.
·         Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Making choices that are going to produce change can be a bit uncomfortable. We must understand that when we feel uncomfortable we are growing and could be on the brink of something new. Do not discount your feelings but instead embrace them and face fear head on!
Life is journey and there are no wrong choices but only learning experiences. There are going to be times when we are unsure and feel uncomfortable when making choices. Bear in mind that if it is easy their probably will not be much growth involved. Be committed to making the changes you need in your life and welcome the challenges!


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