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Why Go to Mass this Divine Mercy Sunday April 11?

Why Go to Mass this Divine Mercy Sunday April 11
...and make Confession and receive the Eucharist. We cannot imagine the personal and individual impact that He said it shall have:

According to the notebooks of Saint Faustina, Jesus made the following statements about this day:

Addressing Clergy Moral Failure

I had a conversation with a Presbyterian who is in the process of entering the Catholic Church. He pointed out to me that many, if not most, Protestant/Reformed Christians (he is aware of) wont even consider the claims of "Rome" being the one, true church founded by Christ because of the Priest Sex abuse scandal...how it occurred and how the abusers were handled in the investigation afterward. Good point, I thought.


A Path to Christian Unity

I was recently selected to have an Essay published on "Called to Communion" where writers were asked to describe the foundational (main) single point of division between Catholics and Protestants and what could be considered as steps to take to bring about Unification among the Faithful.  The site, also known as C2C in short, is a very interactive multi-media location for some very steep intellectual and insightful topics and d

Does "Hope" have a question mark?

In an RCIA class recently, we were posed with this very specific yet over-arching question from a candidate:

..."what is with this concept of "hope" written about by the Catholic Church, don't you [we] "know" when we are Saved?"

This came from a candidate who states they have no doubt they are Saved and that this knowledge, an internal confidence, was sufficient to eliminate the need for "hope" that salvation is assured for them.  I asked if they understood the meaning of the word "hope" for them to always carry a question mark...that is...hope has no affirmation.  Yes, that was the essence of the inquiry. 

Advent Season Resources

The USCCB has published a nice site to gain insight and become active with the Advent Season here starting tomorrow 11/29/09:  USCCB Advent


We are into the Catechumenate portion of RCIA and it is likely, if you are attending your Church their program is in the same progress point.

The majority of RCIA students come in on their own and do not have a sponsor or partner.  A sponsor is someone who is an actively practicing member of that parish who occasionally attends RCIA class with their Candidate and provides support and feedback to them during the process of coming into the Church.

Infinite Resource Series - The Catechism

I would put this published work, The Catechism of the Catholic Church, (CCC) in the top ten Infinite Resources of our Faith.  It would be a failure to try to describe its content without including its own description..."it is a statement of the Church's faith and of catholic doctrine, attested to or illumined by Sacred Scripture, the Apostolic Tradition and the Church's Magisterium."

Changes to the Mass are Coming


The USCCB has published the new Roman Missal, which will change what we have all learned and memorized in professing and responses during Worship.  Take a look and write about how this comes across to you here.

Alignment - The Real Presence in the Eucharist

A common issue among many Catholics is the lack of or mis-understanding of Communion in the Mass.  This is caused and admitted in large part, from insufficient teaching of the Faithful by the Church.  Many well intentioned Catholics attend Mass and receive/consume the Eucharist with a belief that this consumption of Bread and Wine is merely symbolic of the Last Supper event, when it is infinitely more than that.  So much so, that the Eucharist indeed surpasses our understanding.

The Best of Catholic New Media

The electronic age is producing a massive amount of Faith Based resources such as podcasts, internet TV, RSS Feeds, news and information aggregators and making these resources much easier to track and use.  I am sharing here some links to the highest quality and most current Catholic New Media Resources:

America Magazine

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